work note

A Fantasy which their ordinary lives are connected to the unthinkable of the universe. The universe has constantly been expanding repeating extinction and division of the numerous cells at the moment.  The style of this painting rearranges the parts through a prism, which means the ordinary lives, implying the energy generated from the dynamics of the universe.

Ordinary lives and departure, life and death, soul and body, tradition and new.
This makes the world unfamiliar by mixing up the senses of cute image and the grotesque image. The image is also symmetrical at the first sight but is dislocated imperceptibly, and shows chaos in the pattern in good order.

Each of the painting is separated, but, at the same time, they form the world or the small universe, which is expanded by the fractal as the structure having similarity and rotation. The characters of the human and the cat in the painting use their ‘bodies’, representing their ordinary feelings and desires, to interact with the universe. The space of the painting is the festival and actions of the characters are a sort of a display of dance. Action of this dance, reminds Totemism and Shamanism, has shamanistic meaning to represent its pure desires and wishes from time immemorial and to interact with all creation at the same time. And union and separation of the characters composed by the intuitive images represents the infinite feelings and the various facets. It is not proper to distinguish between good and evil, and beauty and ugliness but to reject the unconditional confidence. It’s rather to enjoy observing and responding to the world and things changing every moment in this uncertainty as far as possible. It is expanding towards the first sense perceiving relationship between existence and existence, existence and the universe.


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